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Why do presentations often fail to have the impact we desire? One reason is that information alone will never move people. In this hands-on built up, you’ll go beyond presenting just the facts and figures to allow us to create compelling presentations for you that will motivate others, inspire action, and enable buy-in. By surfacing what matters to your audience, we will together create presentations that are both meaningful and memorable. Gain the confidence and skills it takes to shift the way people think, feel, and behave.

Whether you need a compelling sales pitch, or you need to pitch to raise capital, or to influence the board... step right in...

Course Outcomes







Hands on



2 Weeks




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  • Deliver presentations that spark a shift in beliefs, behaviors, and mindsets.

  • Sequence and convey your information in a way that will create a meaningful journey for your audience.

  • Open hearts and minds by developing a trusted relationship with your audience.

  • Apply techniques to help people pay attention and remember the information you share.

  • Practice with unique presentation methods in order to create an engaging experience for your audience.

Course Themes




The Structure of Engagement
Step 1: Project Brief

Choose Your Presentation—Choose the presentation you want us to work upon. Who is your audience? What are your goals? What currently works? What doesn't? Show us an existing presentation. Help us understand what it is that you do.



Understand how information and emotion work together to create presentations that have the power to spark change and inspire new mindsets and behaviors. 

Step 2: The Journey Mapped Out

We create a compelling arc through your information by combining your goals with audience needs. 


What’s the Point?—The narrative of the presentation

It’s Not About You—Insights about your audience

Shape Your Story—Building appeal and interest

Picture Moment—The sequencing

Step 3: Creation

We create the presentation that opens your audience's hearts and minds to your message.


The presentation, the story, the narrative, the closing strategies

The​ Hookpoint: Establish Your Credibility—Inspire trust and belief

Make Patterns—The patterns we created to encourage understanding and retention

Break Patterns— The patterns we broke to shake things up to capture their attention

Session 4: Deliver

The end is the beginning. Learn how to end present in a way that gives the ideas within them room to grow and evolve. 


Practice dry run


Tips on effective presentations



Closing strategies

Meet Your Instructors
Photo - Chetan Walia.jpg
Chetan Walia

Chetan has led strategy processes at large public and private sector organisations around the world. He advises senior leaders at several Fortune 500 companies and teaches leadership and innovation at the University of Bradford. He is the researcher and author of the creative-strategic perspective.

Photo - Rolly Srivastava.jpeg
Rolly Srivastava

Rolly is a trusted strategy advisor who's worked with CEOs of leading companies. She is a certified coach and change enabler. She helps leaders to realise their creative potential and bring value to new and emerging markets. 

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Our facilitators have extensive applied industry knowledge. They'll help deepen your understanding and application of the course by facilitating engaging dialogues, live video moments, and feedback.

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Our facilitators have extensive applied industry knowledge. They'll help deepen your understanding and application of the course by facilitating engaging dialogues, live video moments, and feedback.

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Gain tips, techniques, and a continuous support from instructors and other  participants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will CSCHOOL experts be making the presntation for us

Absolutely. We have immense experience doing this. We understand presentations from the point of view of the audience. We not only make the presentation but also take you through the science and art of it all.

How long will this take?

Depending upon the needs this may take anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

What if I don't get the results I hoped for?

In the very unlikely event you are dissatisfied with the program for any reason, you can ask for the full refund. No questions ever asked.

Will I get the editable versions?

Of course. You will get everything the we put in there in raw editable formats.

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