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Choosing what to do—and what not to do—is the definition of strategy. Creativity is perceiving and solving a unique problem. In this course, you’ll create and take action on a strategy for your business breakthrough.  You’ll work one-on-one with us and follow steps that are possibility-focused. By combining creativity and strategy, you will both analyse your business as it is and imagine how it could be.

Course Outcomes
  • Identify strategic opportunities in your business, frame it as a question, and create possibilities to solve it.

  • Think through multiple scenarios to make the possibility a winning strategy.

  • Apply the holistic value of 12 different principles to ensure that your plan is fully covered.

  • Set yourself and your team up to be able to take clear action on the strategic choices you make.

Course Themes










One-on-One Online



3 Sessions

12-20 Hours



The Online courses are ideal for small and medium sized businesses. If you are a large organisation and need a solution that can be designed to fit your 'cultures' and 'challenges', schedule a call with us and evolve a plan with CSCHOOL

The Structure of Engagement
Session 1: Introduction

Learn the process that will ground you into the breakthrough principles


Making Breakthrough Choices

12 Principles of Designing a Breakthrough Strategy


Identify the ideal opportunity you would like to explore and exploit—Outline the current approach for your organisation, describe the strategy problem that you’re facing, and craft a “How might we” question to articulate the problem.


What are your goals, your current realities, your greatest potential, and your biggest obstacles?

The strengths and the shortcomings of your current business strategy and how it stacks up against a breakthrough possibility?

Setting the stage for a breakthrough - perceiving and defining the problem.

Articulating the potential or quantifying the big breakthrough idea.

Session 2: Creative Strategic Potential

From 'what is' to 'what can be'


Being a Possibility Creator


Indulge in free play and think of possibilities you can imagine for your organisation. Then apply the structure of session one to answer the first three questions in the breakthrough template.


What can you know that others don't? Co-create with us and define the objective, offensive, and mass value strategies?

How will this translate into a continuous advantage for your business? ​Co-create with us the intelligent picture.

What execution capability needs to be built to be able to leverage on the breakthroughs we have identified?​

How do we capitalise on dimensions of creative agility to drive economic outcomes for the organisation?

Session 3: Make a Choice. Commit to Success

Make sense of what you've accomplished and guide your decisions.


Your Belief System

Understanding the Role of your Self Esteem


Decide—Look back across the entire strategy process and take stock of some of the big takeaways from the course, and think about how will you continue to practice strategy after the course is complete.


What will be the biggest challenges for you going forward and how can you create mental resilience to overcome them?

How has your understanding of possibilities changed as a result of this course. How will you use it?

How will you enrol the people critical to you to help you execute your choices?

Meet Your Instructors
Chetan Walia

Chetan has led strategy processes at large public and private sector organisations around the world. He advises senior leaders at several Fortune 500 companies and teaches leadership and innovation at the University of Bradford. He is the researcher and author of the creative-strategic perspective.

Rolly Srivastava

Rolly is a trusted strategy advisor who's worked with CEOs of leading companies. She is a certified coach and change enabler. She helps leaders to realise their creative potential and bring value to new and emerging markets. 

When You Collaborate With CSHOOL

Work with Expert Coaches

Our facilitators have extensive applied industry knowledge. They'll help deepen your understanding and application of the course by facilitating engaging dialogues, live video moments, and feedback.

Get The Best of Theory and Practice

Our facilitators have extensive applied industry knowledge. They'll help deepen your understanding and application of the course by facilitating engaging dialogues, live video moments, and feedback.

Invaluable Feedback 

Gain tips, techniques, and a continuous support from instructors and other  participants.

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What Others Are Saying

“This course was tremendously valuable in terms of explaining the concepts and walking us through practice and real-life case scenarios. I found myself applying what I learned in my day-to-day without even thinking about it. It has changed the way I think on a deeper level.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll as a team?

Yes. The practice and application of all our tools is team based—which is why we believe that learning is better together. The course sign up allows engagement for up to 5 people that you can nominate from your team. Additional members can be enrolled for $99 each. After you sign up there will be a link to speak to your facilitator. Everything will be set up from thereon.

How do the one-one-one sessions get scheduled?

After you sign up, you will find a link to schedule a call with your facilitator who will set up your learning dashboard, and schedule the dates for the engagement with you.

What if I don't get the results I hoped for?

In the very unlikely event you are dissatisfied with the program for any reason, you can ask for the full refund. No questions ever asked.

How long will I have access to the recordings?

You will have access to all recordings - i.e. videos and our discussions for 120 days.

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