Thinking Masterclass

The world of messy problems



Every CSCHOOL program is a personalised engagement between you and the instructor so that you can confidently get the result that you want. 

Does your business face a messy problem?

Ones that involve multiple stakeholders

or several tangled up causes

or one that doesn't seem to have one right answer

or an ever changing dynamic problem?

Thinking masterclass is at the heart of what we do - perceiving a problem and inventing a possibility

Course Outcomes
  • Apply the lenses of critical thinking, design thinking, systems thinking, and strategic thinking to arrive at an aha! moment.

  • Develop creative and innovative ideas for by simply organising the accurate perception of the problem

  • Uncover deepest insights by challenging assumptions and thinking beyond cause-and-effect

  • Develop this skills to solve problems and conflicts without compromising anything

Course Themes










One-on-One Online



3 Sessions

12-14 Hours



The Online courses are ideal for small and medium sized businesses. If you are a large organisation and need a solution that can be designed to fit your 'cultures' and 'challenges', schedule a call with us and evolve a plan with CSCHOOL

The Structure of Engagement
Session 1: Our Limited Worldview of Problems

Discover the flaw in the way business think about and perceive problems.


How our brain analyses problems and problem formulations

What is a possibility


Let's see with new eyes. Using the story board and the video lesson lets construct the problem again.


Applying critical thinking and assumptions analysis to start uncovering the components of the problem that are real from the ones that are assumed to be real.

Constructing a revised paradigm to examine the problem where the solutions become self evident.

Session 2: Ideating is Overrated

You might be precisely solving the wrong problem !


Error of the third kind - How people precisely solve the wrong problem and then wonder why nothing changed


Choose Your Challenge— Walk us through a problem you solved. And where the problem stayed solved. You'll be surprised at what you find.


Applying systems thinking to understand the implications of what the problem is doing. Is it the real problem? Is there a more pertinent one?

"Problem formulation is the real problem." ~ Einstein.

Apply the newest and latest findings from our research on creativity. Creative and innovative solutions are merely responses to problem perceptions and formulations. See it in action and analyse the solutions through a range of systems thinking tools.

Session 3: In The Eyes of the Customer

The opposite of a creative solution is 'expertise'


Expertise is hugely beneficial but its not a competitive advantage. Everyone has it.


The Failure Museum—It's easy to feel like you're the only one who has ever messed up. But as we know, that's simply not true. The Failure Museum is a great way to make the point that everyone messes up, and that it's OK. Really.


Step Outside Your Context—One of the best ways to get inspired and solve a problem creatively is to look at something really different—something you might never expect to be helpful or relevant to the task at hand.

What More Can We Find—Learn how the technique of Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) can help us stretch our thinking, look differently at the world, and validate our observations with evidence.

Hunch Hour—This exercise will help crack open "the way we've always done things around here" to come up with something creative, powerful, and new.


Putting it all together. From where we began to where we are.

Meet Your Instructors
Chetan Walia

Chetan has led strategy processes at large public and private sector organisations around the world. He advises senior leaders at several Fortune 500 companies and teaches leadership and innovation at the University of Bradford. He is the researcher and author of the creative-strategic perspective.

Rolly Srivastava

Rolly is a trusted strategy advisor who's worked with CEOs of leading companies. She is a certified coach and change enabler. She helps leaders to realise their creative potential and bring value to new and emerging markets. 

When You Collaborate With CSHOOL

Work with Expert Coaches

Our facilitators have extensive applied industry knowledge. They'll help deepen your understanding and application of the course by facilitating engaging dialogues, live video moments, and feedback.

Get The Best of Theory and Practice

Our facilitators have extensive applied industry knowledge. They'll help deepen your understanding and application of the course by facilitating engaging dialogues, live video moments, and feedback.

Invaluable Feedback 

Gain tips, techniques, and a continuous support from instructors and other  participants.

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What Others Are Saying

“This course was tremendously valuable in terms of explaining the concepts and walking us through practice and real-life case scenarios. I found myself applying what I learned in my day-to-day without even thinking about it. It has changed the way I think on a deeper level.”


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