Edison Versus Einstein

Breakthrough Decision Making

Speaker: Chetan Walia

Who would you hire to ignite your business trajectory, Edison or Einstein?

Again… if you could tap into the vast intelligence and mental processes of Edison or Einstein to ignite (or reignite) your business, which of these luminaries would you choose?


Would it be Albert Einstein, the imaginative visionary who could think “around corners” and make intuitive leaps that have utterly reconfigured the course of human history?


Or would you choose the tireless and practical “workhorse,” Thomas Edison, whose sheer tenacity and astonishing work ethic… absorbed, compressed, and distilled lifetimes of experience into a single brilliant career… encompassing over two thousand worldwide patents?


It’s really not a fair question...


But it's a HUGELY transformative one.


In this webinar 

  • we take you to a journey into the two of the most 'path-breaking' minds. 

  • we show you how geniuses imagine the world - e.g. how Einstein used his genius intelligence to formulate unthinkable theories.

  • then we get you the unimaginable insight into problems to solve them more easily.

  • and then we give you a quick-intro to Raikov Method - so you can get into the 'zone' whenever you like. 

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