How might strategic insights help in creating thriving, living systems?

CreativeStrategic perspective allows us to create products, services, and systems, providing shared value for society and the environment

Organisations normally don't pay attention to whether their systems and processes are strategically sustainable

A holistic view of creative capabilities, asking the right questions, and solving the right problems impacts bottom-lines, saves money, and the planet too.


The creative strategic perspective examines the right problems to be solved, and not the ones that everyone simply agrees up


A comparison of the Newtonian and Quantum paradigms.


Design Thinking

Design Thinking approach was created to establish a new way to grow innovative products, processes and services.


Getting to the root of the problems and creating possibilities for breakthroughs

Stripe and Spheres


Top 20 Transformations

Strategic change in leading transformations for the world.

Harmless Value Creation

An academic research article: And propisition of the theory of harmless value creation.