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Hi, I am Rolly Srivastava

As COO of CSCHOOL, I’m constantly exploring the ways in which innovation can solve the world’s most complex problems—from education to government and beyond.

What you wouldn't know from looking me up online?

I love to paint and pen poetry.

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Rolly has stewarded some of our most significant client relationships creating impact for business and society. She works with senior leaders to coach them and equip them to drive change within their organisations. Rolly has worked extensively with organisations to enable Business Transformation and Change.


Her expertise lies in various facets of change management, culture transformation and Talent Management. She has worked closely with top management teams to better up their productivity, help them navigate through challenges and prepare the teams for future. Rolly has led many value-creation and transformation projects within organisations and created major shifts in how businesses run. She designs corporate interventions on creating change, enabling growth strategies, and on creating collaborative C- level teams. 

Her diverse education in Sciences combined with Management Studies and Design thinking coupled with an early exposure to working on complex business problems make her a valuable asset to any organisation she works with. She is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Hogan assessment practitioner. 

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