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Perseverance Bandwidth

Quick look at expanding perseverance

Perseverance bandwidth


Pain (not acting) > Pleasure (inaction)

Power Parthenon z+ (EXECUTION)

Every problem can be solved

Bloody good product (base)

Dad (Daily Action Discipline)

Map (Right Map)

Personal brand (+)

Labour (+)

Distractions at bay - prioritise 



Stop Doing These 3 Things


  • The first thing you should stop doing is thinking small. When you think small you have no dreams, no vision, and no discipline. You can’t work toward any long-term goals if your bar is so low that you’re not really excelling to hurdle it.


  • The second thing is to stop making excuses. When you make excuses you end up acting like the victim, pointing fingers, and not taking any ownership. You are always spending more time thinking up a good excuse than actually working toward your goals.


  • Finally, stop people-pleasing. You can tell you are doing this when you start working for “likes” and needing approval. This is just going to end up making you drifting around in life. You will never do anything that betters you.






  • Ownership: All responsibility for every failure rests with the leader.

  • Accountability: There are only two types of leaders – effective and ineffective.

  • Buy-In: The leader has to be a true believer in the mission and vision.

  • Humility: Ego clouds and disrupts everything.




In the Classroom
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