11 Signs You Made The Right Choice or Not

I have been thinking a lot lately about choices - and how do people eventually decide which way to go.... Then I made some recently. Created a few changes. And delved into what may or may not help people in their journeys to be proactive. So here we are....

We all wonder if we're on the right life path from time to time. Life throws many challenges at us, and it's not always easy to tell if we're headed in the right direction. Despite challenges and obstacles, life should feel good most of the time. It shouldn't be a joyless slog.

Persevere, stay with status quo or change tracks - How do you decide?

Here are 11 ways to tell if you're on the right track.

1. You're At Peace With Your Choices.

Are you at peace being where you are? You may have big goals, and may have to work hard. That could also mean not being at peace. However are internal at peace doing and being where you are?

Being anxious is a symptom that something needs to change. Maybe you're in denial about the problem or are hesitant to follow your gut. Sometimes if we're avoiding breaking free from an aspect of our life that doesn't suit us, we feel anxious until we make the necessary adjustments. Uneasiness can develop when we try to ignore our problems.

Frequently people try to make themselves fit into situations or relationships that won't bring peace.

When you change course and move in the right direction, you'll experience trust in your path. There may be tough things you have to do, but even the rough road can be peaceful with the right choice.

2. You're Always Learning.

People who are inspired and energised, learn and grow.

Which path gives you greater learning? Greater learning gives greater curiosity and greater curiosity gives greater growth. Inwards and Outwards.

3. You Feel Good About What The Future Will Bring.

If your life is headed in the right direction, you'll feel a sense of excitement about what's coming next, like a child waiting for Santa. You're excited about the future because you're expecting good things to come.

People making poor decisions are anxious about the future and where their choices will lead in the days and months ahead. Life is meant to be exciting and full of possibilities. If you look towards the future with optimism, then you're probably going the right way.

4. A or B. Which One is Giving you Automatic Goals

These goals needn’t be things to achieve. they could be just things you want to experience. Creating a life you love means loving yourself in a manner that you deserve to want better.

5. You Don't Worry About Other People's Opinions.

When you're secure in your plans, you don't spend a lot of time worrying about approval from other people. You don't need their validation because you have a deep sense of security that what you're doing is right for you.

Which of the choices represent freedom to you and which ones represent compulsion.

Hint: We were born to be free.

6. Your Actions and Principles Are in Alignment.

Principles are not what you inherited from the last generation. Principles are what you are leaving for the next one.

Making good decisions is easy when you are clear about your morals and principles. And not carry the guilt and burden of someone else’s.

7. You Wake Up Energised and Motivated.

When you're moving in the right direction, you don't need much external stimuli to get going in the morning. You look forward to each new day. It's easy to get out of bed and start your to-do list because you genuinely want to get it done. You may be tired when you go to bed at night, but it's comfortably accomplished exhaustion, not emotionally stressed-out fatigue.

8. You Don't Have Time For Negativity.

Do you take decisions to avoid the negative or experience the positive?

That is a huge question.

When you're in harmony, it doesn't leave room for gossip and negativity. You may find yourself shedding relationships with people who always have something contrary to say. People who complain and make excuses for why they can't improve their situation don't appeal to you. They put out the opposite kind of energy than you do, and they're draining to be around. Instead, you find yourself drawn to hard workers, people who are striving to improve and create like you are.

9. You Insist on Boundaries.

Along with no patience for negativity, you've got to set boundaries with people who try to take advantage of you or keep you from being you. When you're on a path that's right for you, you set boundaries with people who would like to impede your success. You don't let anyone get in your way, even if it's uncomfortable to let them know they can't hold you down anymore.

10. You're Cutting Bad Habits.

Bad habits will always hold you back. Succumb to opinions (rather than facts), to emotional pressures and demands (rather than merit), and to baggage of tradition (versus progress) are bad decision making habits.

Often, when we commit ourselves to new goals, giving up these addictions becomes more manageable because we have positive areas to focus our time and energy on. We redirect ourselves towards a worthwhile path and away from the negative one.

11. You Own Your Past Mistakes.

You've accepted that the past is in the past, and you're moving forward. You don't dwell on old screwups. You've apologised and tried to make amends to people you've hurt, and you don't hide your past and try to act like it never happened. You've taken stock of your journey to this point and are ready to focus on the future. You may have been a jerk but you really don’t need to carry it around anymore!

The challenges you've faced make you who you are now, but they don't need to keep you stationary. Many people who cannot move forward in life are attached to old pain, unwilling to let it go and move on. When you discard old regrets and pain, you free up your emotional energy to build the life you want.

Deciding your path in life is something only you can do for yourself. Life is not a one size fits all venture. Take pride in carving out your route, whatever it happens to be. You may have challenging circumstances thrown at you, but if you're on the path that suits you, you will prevail.

Above all else, if you feel fulfilled and your choices bring you happiness, you're probably on the right path.