5 Awesome Ways to Boost Your Public Speaking Confidence

Whether you are getting ready to walk on stage or into an interview, you may feel a twinge of self-doubt. While it may not feel natural, these emotions plague all of us at one time or another. Your ability to resist succumbing to that sense of fear can mean the difference between success and failure.

No one wants to fail. Unfortunately, the fear of failure can feel almost as powerful as the fear of getting eaten by a bear or falling off a cliff.

Once your fear reaction has been activated, the rational part of your mind takes a back seat to your instinctual mind that wants more than anything to avoid dangerous situations. Before you find yourself in a situation that would make you want to turn bright red, run away, or bury your head in the sand, consider how the following five ways can boost your self-confidence.

1. Do your best superhero pose.

While it may seem superficial, standing with your legs apart, your shoulders square, and your hands on your hips will give you a sense of power. Try it before you stand-up in front of a crowd or walk on stage. You'll be amazed at how it can improve your sense of well-being.

2. Smile.

When you smile, your body relaxes, giving you a sense of calm as you go into a difficult situation. The recipient of your smile will also feel an unconscious need to smile back at you, giving you that extra bump of self-confidence you need to tackle what's ahead.

3. Energize with music.

One of the most significant obstacles people have when trying to boost their confidence is overcoming negative self-talk. When you begin to hear that inner voice trash-talk you into submission, crank up the music, and beat that negativity back.

It's hard to feel like a loser when you have Queen's "We Are the Champions" screaming through your head.

4. Practice until you're perfect.

Whether it's making a speech or playing a musical instrument in front of a crowd, there's no substitute for practice.

That doesn't mean you should practice in a quiet room with all of the distractions eliminated. It means you should look for an opportunity to practice in a situation similar to where you will be performing.

Practicing a speech in front of your family or on a picnic table in the middle of a park might just be the thing you need to boost your confidence.

5. Dress for success.

Choosing the right outfit for your debut in front of a new group of people can provide you with a psychological edge if you are feeling nervous in new surroundings. While you don't want to overdo it, wearing a suit or dress, just a hair above the formality of your audience will sometimes make you feel like you are in charge.

Finding the right combination of thoughts and actions to overcome negative emotions and boost your confidence can be a challenge.

While there is no one mental adjustment that can make you a superstar overnight, focusing on the path in front of you rather than the one behind will help you in your journey to self-confidence.

Everyone goes through difficult times. Those difficult times make us stronger.

Taking advantage of a few confidence-boosting habits can help you grow into the life you deserve.