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I waste my life when I am bothered mostly about the little corner of me: my goodness, thinking about me, me, me.

Do you have thoughts that twist your stomach into knots and trouble you? At times even make you unable to sleep?

All of us have them. Its when we don’t have what we want in our lives - could be money, career, health, relationships…… or could be an abundance of all of these…. and yet a feeling of nothing.

We usually measure ourselves through comparison.

This is true for success, and for happiness.

But as long as you are measuring, comparing yourself with somebody, there is going to be fear.

As long as there is a time interval to heal your wounds, there is going to be fear.

As long as you have an interval between seeing and action, there is going to be fear.

If you see and act instantly, that means no time.

Now that is intense. Intelligence.

Anxiety and fear are caused by imagining negative outcomes - that imagination again is rooted in comparisons!

The reason you succumb to fear is because of the little voice in your head that makes you question your own self-worth and urges you to focus on the worst positive outcome.

FEAR really IS a “mind killer.”

And it’s rooted in an undue, un-needed, over importance attached to ‘ME’. The root of all comparisons!

You are not important. You are in fact insignificant to the world, regardless of your accomplishments. AND when you realise this and make sense of this — there is no centre from which fear can arise.

That my friend is called freedom.

Well, I didn’t intend for this to be a deep message. But it turned out like that.

So finally think about this. We all talk about abundance and an abundance mindset -

Can there be any abundance (means fullness) in comparison or is there abundance when you are complete in yourself?


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