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An effortless life

“Get the posture right”

This evening I heard a tennis coach scream these words at his student.

My mind raced back to the time I played tennis and my coach stressing on getting the posture right.

He used to insist that with the right posture, the effort to hit the ball dramatically reduces.

And of course it did. Drastically.

That moment when the legs, hands, racquet, body weight were all aligned, it was effortless to hit the ball.

Same in cricket I remember, when the shoulder, elbow, feet were aligned to meet the ball under the eyes, the cover drive just raced.

I didn’t play too many other sports but I can’t imagine the principle to be any different.

But it isn’t easy. Years of habit and bad posturing makes it super hard to get it right.

And that is coaching.

Get the basics in order .

And now get the posture right, no matter how difficult it is or how long it takes.

Because once it clicks – it’s effortless.

And that is life too.

Figure out the basics.

And now get the posture right.

The whole of the mind, body, emotions - the alignment – is the right posture – and now living is effortless.

We may need a coach for that too.

But not someone who necessarily plays better than us.

Rather someone who can observe you for who you are, not what anyone thinks you should be, including you.

Find your coach. For the right posture, not to fix some missing skills. They follow with alignment.

Just like the perfect backhand jab.


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