How to Become a Better Public Speaker

Having to speak in a public setting can certainly be a nerve-wracking experience. Luckily, however, if you aren't confident about your public speaking abilities, there are some things you can do to improve, such as:

1.    Learn from the best

Watch professional speakers do their thing and borrow their techniques in order to become a better public speaker. There are thousands of videos online featuring some of the top speakers worldwide, so you will not lack for something to hone your speaking skills with. Observe how these speakers make use of language, the stage, and other features to make the perfect presentation. Borrow the ideas that you think would work best for you.

TIP! Whats the first thing to be learnt? Not the public speaking skills, but the way the content is out together to make a moving argument

2.    Keep practicing

As the adage goes, practice does indeed make perfect, so ensure that you allocate some time to practice your speech on a regular basis. You can do this in front of a mirror in order to see your expression and work on making it more open and confident. You can also practice in front of friends or family members in order to gauge their reaction and get feedback on what you need to improve.

TIP! Practice is not about how you look or how you sound. Practice is to get the content out of the way.

3.    Make use of online learning tools

The internet is a goldmine for public speaking training materials and videos. These are great for everyone regardless of whether they are just starting out or are professionals looking for a way to improve on their technique. These training materials will teach you how to engage your audience, provide you with a variety of speaking techniques, and generally ensure that you are well equipped for your next presentation.

TIP! People seem to believe that content is the easy part because it's so available. Thats precisely what makes it so difficult to be different and valuable.

4.    Make eye contact with audience members

Pick out several members in your audience and make eye contact with them during your presentation.

Eye contact helps you to engage better with your audience and gauge their reactions so you can adjust your presentation accordingly.

TIP! A lot of speaker keep speaking to one end of the audience. They forget to face different angles. Speak to everyone.

5.    Be yourself

Even if you borrow a technique from some of the more popular speakers, ensure that your demeanor and message are entirely your own. This is because audiences can tell when you are pretending which tends to put them off.

Even if you are nervous or unsure of your material, always try to make your presentation in an authentic manner as this will make your audience more receptive and willing to forgive any mistakes you might make.

TIP! Emulating another speaker is fine. But you are not him or her. You are YOU. Put yourself into the content. Tell your stories, your struggles, your embarrassments.

Giving a public-facing speech is never easy. But it's learnable. And anyone can. You can.