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How to Close Any Deal You Pitch

Most of us only wish that we could turn a negotiation in the direction that we want. However, we also know if wishes were horses.... So then, what's the way to walk into any meeting and get the outcome that you desire? How does one establish the right power dynamic in a meeting and hit the bull's eye every time?

Well, the first way to do it is, establish the power dynamics in the meeting. You need to make sure that you do not come across as needy in the interaction. Instead, you should come across as a prized possession that the other party MUST have. Can this be done by describing your USPs, features, characters? Well, not really. That is almost like honking a horn on a deaf ear!

Humans want what they cannot have. Which effectively means that if you wanted nothing from a business interaction, then you could actually be adding value to the discussion, and yet be willing to walk away from the deal any time. This also means that you would not chase the client.

On the contrary, if your body language, your content, your tone, your proven credentials speak enough for themselves and your pitch is focused around the bigger and the more fascinating problem; you would become the prized commodity. As a result, it will be you being chased, wanted and desired, rather than you chasing the client.

When the client sees you as a prize, they automatically attach a high value to obtaining your services, working with you, hiring you or creating wealth with you. Thus, there is no more demand for discounts, extras, favours or any thing else and you gain the upper hand in the interaction.

Pitch Plan is designed to empower you to do this exactly – influence the buyer in a manner within such a small-time frame that it is impossible for them to resist you and your product. This way you get to crack the deal, every time, on your terms. To know more, reach out to us at

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