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Leadership Dividend

Investment #1: - TRAINING(It doesn’t mean a learning program) - This means taking responsibility for personal (not show me the money kinds) development for all your people = Moral Responsibility = Immeasurable longterm strategic-differentiation opportunity.

Asset #1: LET IT GO- Can the leader let the control, the power, the credit, the success go to someone else (Key #1 to employee productivity/ retention / quality / customer fan-hood).

Core Value #1: LISTENING EXCELLENCE (“fierce listening”/“aggressive listening” to staff, outsiders. Note: Effective listening is exhausting! Effective listening is train-able!)

Obsession #1: EXECUTION IS STRATEGY - (Don’t forget to tuck the shower curtain into the bathtub). Strategy isn’t the plan; it’s the execution.


Value-Added Strategy #1: DESIGN HUMANISATION (Apple: “Steve and Jony spent hours discussing corners.” Review of MINI Cooper S: “No vehicle in recent memory has provoked more smiles.” - Human kindness will always trump any and all advances of Artificial Intelligence.

Payoff #1: SOCIAL CAPITAL- What’s your social capital, that is the benefit to society as a result of your actions. As a leader this must be your concern otherwise you come across as irresponsible.

Innovation Strategy #1: WTTMSW/ Whoever Tries The Most Stuff Wins. Extended: Whoever Tries The Most Stuff (And Screws The Most Stuff Up The Fastest) Wins (Innovation guaranteed But requires a support system) - and thats why we need teams

Personal Habit #1: READ. READ. READ. READ. READ. READ. (Not reading enough is Leadership Deficit #1.)

Time Management Must #1: SLOW DOWN (All the important things—relationship building and maintenance, culture maintenance, aggressive listening, Excellence—take time, lots of.)

Making Things Happen #1:BE NICE TO PEOPLE (Trust, give, add value even if at the expense of being used, misused or abused). Others actions needn’t define yours. Thats what ‘values’ are.

Daily Activity #1:REACH OUT TO YOUR TEAM EVERYDAY  SPEAK (Daily. Daily = EVERY DAY. No excuses. Ever). And if you don’t then don’t bother being a leader.

Commandment #1: BREAKTHROUGH IS THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES (Keep going you don’t know which ‘5’ minutes will produce it). But most breakthroughs have an actual action time 5 Minutes.

Insight #1: HARD (numbers, plans, org charts) IS SOFT. SOFT (relationships, culture, Excellence) IS HARD. Real success : PUT THE SO-CALLED / MIS-NAMED “SOFT STUFF” F-I-R-S-T.

Chetan Walia

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