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Optimism Versus Pessimism

A recent study published in the peer reviewed journal - American Psychologist analysed 61 Studies, and 221K People.

The Key Finding
  • Optimism has little effect on health.

  • Avoiding pessimism matters much more.

  • Absence of Pessimism leads to well being much more than Presence of Optimism.

What Does This Mean For You

That changing things is not about positive self talk your way out of a mess.

It is much more about resolving issues within so you stop assuming and believing in the worst.

It is about truly altering your state of mind.

“State of mind” is defined as the quality of one’s consciousness as it relates to the outside world, as well as the perception of inner thoughts and emotions.

The number one thing that affects your state of mind is your focus. What do you choose to focus on? Really, deeply, internally, where is your focus. Hint: where is a big chunk of our time? That's the focus regardless of what you tell yourself.

How Do I Change My State of Mind?

1. Creative or Destructive: Examine your beliefs. And categorise them as either creative (positive) or destructive (negative). That's it. No grey areas. Everything you believe in falls in these two categories. Now – are your beliefs positive or destructive? Identify any destructive beliefs about your ability to control your focus and replace them with empowering ones.

2. How Do You Treat Yourself: Your limiting beliefs affect your inner monologue or the way you talk to yourself and those thoughts create your world. Next time yo catch yourself in negative self talk - cut it out. It's almost like you are being your biggest enemy.

3. Posture Reveals Attitude: Your body language sends signals to your brain about how you're truly feeling. If you have a poor posture - it'll only lead to a negative state.

4. Create Empowering Routines: There must be things that put you in a positive state. What are these. Some music? Some book? Some thoughts? Something??? Use them as routines. Make it a part of daily routine to begin your day like that. It's common sense.

5. Choose Freedom over Expectations: Expectations including the ones you have from you are burdens. Freedom comes when you accept every moment for what it is instead of needing to control everything and make it adhere to your expectations. Understand that freedom is a state of mind.

Things flow in freedom.

Thats nature.

Thats abundance.

The way to abundance is not burdens.

It is being free so you can flow.

Chetan Walia

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