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Reject Rejection

Google: The Co-Founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page were told by Yahoo! to go back to work on their ‘little school project.’

Harry Potter: J.K. Rowlings series was rejected by the first 12 publishers she approached.

Steve Jobs: Was fired from his own company.

Michael Jordan: Was cut out from his high-school basketball team

What goes through your mind when someone tells you, “No.”?

Angry, resistant, ashamed, fearful, rejected, or worse?

The next time you ask someone a question, whether it’s inviting them to lunch, out on a date, or for a raise or promotion, if they tell you, “No”, you say, “Next!”

Yes! Reject Rejection.

Rejection is a myth.

Rejection is a situation.

Rejection is not you.

Rejection is the other side not valuing you.

And so. You say ‘next’ — and move on. Keep trying.

Look at it like this — You ask one of your coworkers out to lunch and they say no. The fact remains that nothing has changed. Before you asked them out to lunch, you didn’t have anyone to eat lunch with and after they told you no, you still don’t have anyone to eat lunch with.

So nothing has changed.

The truth is, you rarely have anything to lose by asking a question, and often there is something to gain, so why wouldn’t you ask?


No this is not a typo.

SWSWSW stands for “Some Will, Some Won’t: So What.” And this acronym is what I want you to keep in mind anytime you ask someone for something. Some people are going to say yes, and some people are going to say no. So what!!

Get used to dealing with rejection, having people tell you no, and not taking it personally. Really, it’s not a big deal. Stop making it one.

Not only will this help you build confidence by overcoming challenges, it will also make you feel amazing because you’re taking steps and action on your goals.

To your next failure (and learning experience).

Chetan Walia

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