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Simple method for zero stress

I had a crazy week, the last one, rather a crazy last month. It was irritation, annoyance, and even frustration.

I had some ‘no show’ zoom meetings. I detest unprofessionalism. So that was annoying.

Then I had some people back out of commitments. Again irritating. As for someone like me - saying = doing. Always.

And then, almost as usual, but it gets noticed more so when you are already irritated, there are always people who are playing games around. It got amplified.

And then some more…. the to-do list was piling up, the people issues were all over the place, problems to be solved, and right at the time of solution, guess what? People don’t show up.

You get the point, right?

  • The are demands on you. Always will be.

  • Sometimes you feel you are not in control.

  • You may feel you just don’t get the support of others.

  • Relationships don’t hold up in key moments when you need them to,

  • You struggle to make sense of your role in life and in work.

  • and you can’t understand why others have changed or what has happened to the world all of a sudden.

There you have it - these are six main areas that can lead to work-related stress.

So my last week (or two) felt like all six were present most every hour.

I could see it affecting my state of mind. And then I said to myself - I have to get my control back. What am I affected so much by other people?

I realised something in that moment.

We take stress by accepting what others are giving us. We don’t have to take it. But we do. So it is coming from outside in. Surely we have the power of not taking it. Or don’t we.

I had to change my state of mind and get back in control. And I came up with a simple statement that made me laugh, change my state of mind, and be back up in a second. And I am writing this to share it with you so you can use it too.

Here it is…..

This world is full of idiots distributed strategically so you can meet at least one per day.

Behold. I laughed. So can you. It’s over. No Stress. Only humour.

Back in control and back up.

People didn’t change. They continue to behave as if…. But my state of mind, that changed.

Same things, but am not taking stress.

Neither should you.

It’s a strategic distribution of idiots.

You will meet at least one a day.

Don’t believe me?

Try social media.

Smile on. And have a great day.

Chetan Walia

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