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The Most Important Ingredients to Being Successful at Anything


As I wrote in one of my previous articles, the first step towards success is truly defining what success means to you, personally. It is important to distinguish between what success “should be” and what it means to you. No matter how you personally define success, there is an underlying element that is true for everyone’s definition of success - overcoming your own perceived limitations and going beyond.

Sounds tough? What if success came as easy as making a few minor adjustments? All we need is shifting our mindsets to realise that success doesn’t come from circumstances being in our favour but instead working towards making our circumstances favourable. Here are some of the key ingredients to success:

Have a Clear Vision

Defining what you want is the foundation for success. When we don’t define the vision, we don’t familiarise ourselves with the struggle we may stumble across our journey, the opportunities we may lose in an attempt to gain some. A clear vision helps us avoid falling prey to our circumstances and enables us to take ownership of the situation. It helps us remain focused and not get distracted when something easier or more superficially appealing comes along. No matter what area of our lives we seek success in, having a clear vision will make our lives thrive!

Commit Yourself 100% to The Cause

Once we commit ourselves fully to something, there is no scope to fail at it. All the roadblocks, all the unsuccessful attempts will only ever be an indicator of the need for change. Once we are truly committed, then getting sidetracked isn’t a possibility. We will not find ourselves quitting because we are afraid to handle rejection or failure. All we understand and know is that we need to keep going on. With commitment comes persistence and with persistence comes success. Give it your all. Put your head and your heart both in it. Don’t look for problems, find solutions. Think about it - how committed are you?

Be Authentic in Everything You Do

The word authentic roots from being genuine. How can we expect inauthenticity to lead to success? When we are not true to ourselves, can we expect others to be true to me? However, we often guide our actions not to lead to success, but we get caught in the trap of pleasing others and avoiding failure and rejection. Was the goal ever to avoid failure or did we get forget our goal while trying to avoid it? Dare to separate yourself from the norm and be true to yourself. Thrive on your uniqueness. Only those who are true to themselves can ever come close to seeing what success looks and feels like, for the rest, it will always remain a target set in the future.

Stay True to Your Word

"A man's only as good as his word.” - Rodd Thunderheart

When we commit to something and see it through, we are staying true to our word. Trust is built on these fundamentals. When our actions don’t reflect this, even in the smallest ways possible, it gradually takes away elements of trust from any relationship - be it parent-child, husband-wife, boss-subordinate or client-vendor. An action that doesn’t reflect this fundamental may not directly hamper our journey to success, but it dampens our vision which can compromise success. Despite our best efforts, falling out of integrity is sometimes out of our control. The key is to acknowledge it and recommit ourselves to the vision, only then will we be able to move forward and find the success that we seek.

Competition Doesn’t Mean to Beat the Other to It

We should use competition to sharpen our skill set and strengthen our strengths not to outperform someone or win. Compete, not by bringing the other one down and attack their weaknesses but by making ourselves stronger, faster and more resilient. Develop a profound sense of oneness and bring out the greatness in one another instead of gloating on someone else’s loss. A win in the “big picture” always trumps a small personal win today. Rise above and look at the bigger picture. That’s where success lies.

It may not always be easy, but it’s sure as hell doable.



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