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This IS (or should be) Management

Get Over The Theories Of Management and Leadership that someone at Harvard wrote in ‘50’s and every other B-School (Abbreviation BS) derived their curriculum from it.

Here is 50 Common Sense – Real World – Management. Get On Board or Off Business.

1-Stop Seeking The Best Talent. ::Check Your Definition Of Best Talent:: It is not the smartest who reached the tip of the Everest. It is the one with oodles of passion combined with good old-fashioned Hard Work. Hard Work beats Smart Work most of the times!

2-GUTS!!– Someone who doesn’t have the guts to say “You are wrong, Boss” is of ZERO value. The Boss who has subordinates who don’t say this to him or her is of NEGATIVE value. Loss making machine.

3-Hire Disrespectful Peoplewho question authority and challenge everything.

4-The Mavericks, The Big Breakthrough Producers were all Messy, Disorganized, Rude, People.

5-Breakthrough is in the Market, not at your Desk.

6-Forget Built to Last and forget Good to Great.Its plain theory. Change, Leading Change internally and externally is the only game.

7-BIG wouldn’t survive.Keep breaking it.

8-Continuous Improvements (KAIZEN) and Six Sigma are innovation killers.Look what it has done to its inventor – Motorolla.

9-STOP IT> FORGET IT>The modern management challenge is to stop being busy. Do nothing. And Forget and unlearn a LOT MORE that you learn.

10- Breakthroughs are very easy. Its blocked by the BOSS most often.

11- Howenthusiastic and energy-attracting is your senior management?– Couldn’t answer a loud YES? – Ah! Went after the Boring Best Talent, didn’t you?

12- Your Brand Inside is far more important than your Brand Outside.

13- Action Is More Important than Your Strategy Retreat….. Do now. Think Later.

14- 50% of your decisions will be wrong even if you spend 50% of your life in preventing the mistake….. Keep Moving… 50% is good enough.Stop wasting time over-thinking.

15- DON’T REWARD Mediocre Successes. It will bring down your entire system to a minimum performance.

16- David Kelley: “Fail Faster. Succeed sooner.”

17- No One in your OFFICE has 8 hours of work.Staring at computer is the biggest give-away for that. Make Market Visits Compulsory For ALL.

18- Hire People who had the GUTS to not study. They have BELIEF!

19- Hire Women in senior managements. Transformation Guaranteed.

20- You Business has to be in the Business of selling experience….. Fire everyone who talks about quality and satisfaction….

21- Don’t make it the Best. Differentiate.HINT: You don’t buy the most durable, fall resistant, longest battery life, MOBILE PHONE. Do you?? You buy the one that’s cool and different. So why do you think the market will decide any differently?

22- If the average age of your Board is over 50 – they are 30 years behind. God help you.

23- When you fail to reach your targets / goals for a year – Raise them further high. Don’t adjust to mediocrity.Push them. So you think innovation!! –

24- The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.Michaelangelo.

25- CrushBureaucracy. CrushPolitics. CutStructures. CutDesignations. CutManagement Layers. Every Year as a part of Growth. Flat Structures OUTGROW layered structures without FAIL.

26- ERP Systems. I have yet to meet a company where it has made them more agile…. Herd mentality….

27- Breakdress codes. Breakoffice timings. Breakwhatever. But disrupt, unsettle, change thinking, change patterns, change, change, change. You want people and processes to change. Managing the same thing year after year is not management, it’s a comfortable, predictable, boring job.

28- What is going to be RADICALLY DIFFERENTabout you this years. If nothing, then stop expecting different results.

29- Think Gandhi – No one gives you power. You take it.

30- Think FUN. People spend 50% of their loves at office. If they aren’t having Fun, your Balance Sheet is just BS or will be soon.

31- Values sheet works ONLY if you hold the values of Honesty and Integrity (NO COMPROMISE AT ALL) – otherwise trash values. That’s what people do anyway.

32- Meetings beyond 45 minutes often have no value. You are setting the precedent for slow and painful and expecting results fast and plentiful. Ya right!

33- THE ONLY WAY TO SHOW YOU CARE– is to give your time to those you say you care about…. People are not dumb – they know difference between words and actions.

34- Success = Sales. Period. Sales = Customers. Period. Is every other function focused outward?? If not, you are losing sales. Period.

35- If the Boss knows everything and never says “I Don’t know” – then no one else is exploring. This Boss Wont Grow Your Company. This Boss Will Grow At The Same Percentage Every Year – No MORE.

36- Speed over Accuracy will win you MORE. Sehwag will win more matches than Gavaskar. In any era.

37- People DO NOT resist change. It will take however long to change as you think it will.

38- The biggest Motivator is appreciation. That’s also the fastest way to bring about change.

39- And AGAIN– Integrity = Success. Integrity = Speed. Integrity = Power.

40- Performance Appraisalis an opportunity to praise people. Not for what you use it.

41- And Last – For God’s Sake – Don’t call Humans, Resources. HR is a sick terminology. Pause and think for a moment, you’ll realize it is sick. Call them Humans and treat them humanly.


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