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This Is Why It's Best to Be the Last to Speak

Being the last to speak as one of the biggest insights for succeeding.

Why, you might wonder, would anyone want to be the last at anything? Most people clamor to be heard as though getting their view aired before anyone else mentions theirs is vital.

Doing the opposite will allow you to wield more power and influence. Here's why.

Individuals feel heard

Let people talk first and they will be better listeners when your turn to speak arises. Instead of longing to have their say, they will feel heard and be free to hear you. Allowing people to say what's on their minds will also help them to like you.

Everyone wants to be respected and given the space and time in which to speak, and when they are heard, they are likely to enjoy your company.

Everyone is satisfied they've contributed

Have you ever been part of a conversation, but only in the sense you listened and didn't talk? If so, you know not having the opportunity to join in can make you feel excluded.

On the other hand, you are pleased to contributewhen you talk. As the last to speak, you can give each person present the opportunity to feel included, so no one is left out.

Doing so is valuable whether socially or at work. It builds relationships and gives people a chance to express themselves.

You know what everyone thinks

It's more beneficial to know what other people believe than to have your beliefs heard.

This is currency equivalent in public speaking.

You already know what's on your mind. When you talk, you just repeat what you think rather than learn anything new.

When you know what people think you can take their views into consideration when you finally have your say.

Gain understanding

It's easy to assume you understand what people believe, but you never really know what's in their heads until they tell you. Let them speak before you and you'll discover what motivates them instead of guessing.

Speak last as a habit and you'll understand the people you converse with better than if you don't wait to air your views.

You'll also be in a position to consider the information you glean. At the same time, people will like you and you'll learn from them.

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