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We Follow The Wrong Rules....

Our Brain is the greatest computer of all. It can accomplish anything. The problem is that it doesn’t come with a user manual and it is not user friendly.

So people don’t use it properly :)!

Achievement is not complicated. We just need to do three things

  1. See things the way they are

  2. See things the way you want them to be

  3. Make it happen

The Problem Is We Pick Up Beliefs

We pick up two kinds of beliefs - Global Beliefs and Rules.

Global beliefs are generalisations like 'Life is...', 'People are....', 'I am....' -- All of these are opinions of another person and may or may not be true. But it affects are ability to see things as they are or how we want them to be. A simple achievement process gets massively complicated from here on,

Then we make RULES for ourselves and make life tougher -- Rules like for me to be successful, XYZ must happen or for business to be great, XYZ must happen. Rules don't let you achieve because they are prejudiced and designed to make you feel the opposite of what you desire.

Question your beliefs: Accepting reality doesn’t mean you just sit back and forget about how to control your destiny. It means that you take ownership of what you can change and forget about things you can’t.

You can’t control what others do or think.

You can’t control the market.

The only thing you can change is your own mindset.

To do that, you must question the story you tell yourself – and transform it into one that empowers you. Drop your beliefs about the way you think 'you' are and the way the you think the 'world' is – they only hold you back from fully controlling your destiny.

We all have stories — narratives we tell ourselves about why we can or cannot do or achieve something in our lives. Whether we believe we can or can’t, we’re usually right.

Often people don’t lose weight because they have a simple story: it says, “I’m big boned.” With that as your core belief system you are never going to find a strategy, and even if you do, you won’t follow through on it.

Your story may be true — you may have been through a horrific experience — but that’s not the reason why you can’t have the life you want.

A disempowering story is one of the things that controls people and makes them stuck in their beliefs. Most people tell a story in a selective way so they don’t have to ever maximize their effort towards a strategy because they’re afraid they will fail.

Story is a story. You can change the one in your head.






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