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What is Creation?

Can creation be defined?

To ‘define’ something means to specify, to end, to conclude.

The process of creation which is essentially the birth of the new would surely be defeated if it were to be defined. Definition is the end. Creation is the beginning.

Can the new have an end? Is it a beginning after an end? Can definitions itself end?

These simple but confusing questions may need to be understood if anyone is to comprehend what creating a future may mean.

How do we define anything? What would our definition or understanding of the thing be based on?

It’ll be based on our knowledge, our historical perspectives and our beliefs which may include our experiences and value systems. All of these together make up our thought or thinking process. Therefore surely our definitions will be based on our thoughts and these thoughts are always based on inputs that are old.

Fundamentally this defies creation.

Thought may lead to evolution, that is it may unfold, develop, produce, expand the existing but is that creation?

Any evolution is still rooted in an old premise and as such can’t totally go beyond its construct. Its usually a normal progression of what exists. Any progression is a simple principle of change and change isn’t creation, it’s change. And change is certainly not transformation.

The affects of not being able to distinguish between change and creation leads to even greater misunderstandings in our psychological space. We may fool ourselves to assume that over a period of history, man has transformed and moved beyond the construct. However if you analyse closely, we still continue to struggle with the basic questions - fear, survival, security, violence, suffering, pain. The context has changed or evolved but the reality remains. We may have evolved but certainly haven’t been able to create realities that will solve our basic problems.

The process of change itself is much the same as evolution. You take a current reality, work with it, alter it, make it better. Nearly all of that works within a construct of the old and whatever the outcome will always have some reminisce of the old in it. The smartphone is still a phone. The robot is still a computer.

It is possible that some of our innovations may well have been conceived without the remains of the past. Lets put it in further context.

Their is an intelligence used to change things that is for working with the old and shaping it to be something different. This same process obviously doesn’t lead to a creation which is entirely new. The intelligence thus for creation must be totally different.

Change works with a premise. Creation needs an ending of the premise. Creation needs an ending to the existing and not a modification.

The ending of the existing, that is the ending of the past or the ending of the pressure to evolve things leads to freeing up the space or energy in the mind.

The movement from that point on without going back into the past leads to creation of something new. The movement from a point where the past ends cannot be defined because you don’t know what the next may be.

The ending of the old in the mind leads to a tremendous silence. It leads to a tremendous release of energy. And now the mind has the strength or the vitality to create. The new will create something new. If we allow this moment to go back into the old, then at best we recreate or evolve.

For everything that you may see around you that has been created, if its a creation (and not a alteration) then it’s creator must have had to end the old in order to conceive the new. An old mind, living in the past knowledge and beliefs is incapable of creating the new. It neither has the silence nor the space for the something afresh.

You see its very simple. We make the mistake of trying to define beginnings. The moment our process starts at that point, creation itself has ended because now we’ll only access the intelligence that we use for change.

The intelligence needed for creation, the new, afresh mind can itself be visible only with the end of the old. The end of the old means to get out of the comfort of the known, the past because how else can you go beyond?

Can the old end?

The ending is liberation.

The ending is freedom.

The ending is silence.

The ending is energy.

The ending is intelligence.

The ending and not the beginning is Creation.

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