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Exponential Flow

Corporation Unlimited

Speaker: Chetan Walia

Exponential flow is about making quantum leaps. About taking actions that give you much more than mere incremental profits. It’s a mindset, it’s a cultural orientation, it’s the ability to take risk and to tap into unforeseen markets. It’s something you need to do, not just debate, discuss or understand. However, it’s not madness without a bit of a method.



To design an exponential business model, you need answers to some critical questions. Each of these questions forms a critical component of the exponential business model. 


1. Do you have a massive transformative purpose that is driven by the desire to change the reality? 

2. Do you have the optimal experience of FLOW? 

3. Are you designed for exponential capacity? Can your business model handle the mass before it attempts to attract it? 

4. Do you offer both utility and novelty for the community? 

5. What’s that skill which drives your core unique flow? 

6. Is it the process, or the product? It is the process that has to scale, the rest will fall in place automatically. 

7. Can you think lean and keep your bandwidth free for flow? 

8. Are you training the system to be selfish, or transformative? 

9. Can you leverage your ecosystem? 

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