False Evidence Appearing Real

Speakers: Chetan Walia, Rolly Srivastava, and Snehal Gowda

Fear of the unknown is controlling so many people's lives. 


They are afraid to speak up or try and take a risk because they do not know what the outcome will be and which will, in turn, lead to external judgment from the people around them. The truth is that this is an inside game. If taking a risk is what feels right to you and makes you happy, don't be afraid to try because other people might think it's stupid. 

 5 things you'll discover:

FEAR is your imagination. It's not real. And I'll prove it to you.


FEAR motivates us more than anything. It's a default set-up. Its all changeable with one-simple adjustment. We'll show you exactly what that is.


Specific strategies to convert fear into the biggest breakthrough moment of your life.


The whole 'science' and 'logic' behind the doom-cycle that the world is believing in.


And how you get used, manipulated, and ill-treated, because of your fears.


And How to end this instantly.

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