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HR Model That Rocks

Making of champions

Speaker: Chetan Walia

Take a look at Champion Teams around you. Let’s take sports as an analogy. What do we see?


  • There is no HR Manager

  • PMS is a non-issue

  • Recruitment is not out-sourced

  • Coach is a credible expert (NOT some HR-Certified-Coach) 

  • Players are not playing for designations

  • Captain has a ‘playing’ role or retires

  • Players train Every Day

  • Players have fun

  • Losing hurts

  • Winning is a habit

  • Every Single Member of The Support Staff Watches Players Play - (and don’t hide in a cozy office)

Join us as we take the analogy of sport and apply it to construct a Business-HR-Model that focuses on Creating Champion Teams. This will be an absolute EYE OPENER !


Discover with us how to:


  • Create an HR Structure To Create Champions

  • Eliminate HR-As-Usual Paradigms and Adopt The Champion Mindset

  • Adopt Strategies That Double (or triple or quadruple) Your Productivity

  • The Sports Formula To Appoint A Captain (and what works and what doesn’t)

  • The Cricket Method To Define Competence - Its So Simple That You’d Wonder What The Hell You Are Doing With All The Software You Acquired.

  • Play To Win. And Not Watch From The Stands.

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