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Ideas Live

Breakthroughs Right Here

ALMOST 90 BREAKTHROUGHS IN 90 MINUTES: We took LIVE questions from the audience. Innovated on the spot. Gave you the idea you need to create a turnaround in these times. Listen in. Adapt. Run.


MASTERCLASS IN THINKING WITHOUT THE BOX: No inside or outside the box. We will show you a simple method on how to remove all lenses and see afresh so you can out-thing anybody.


THE GIFT OF CLARITY: The “WOW” factor that you can build right now such that you can out-strategise, out-monetise, and out-perform the industry.

Speaker: Chetan Walia & Rolly Srivastava

Buoyed by the 'prophetic' success of Ideas Live we did another one. Here it is.

Speaker: Chetan Walia & Rolly Srivastava

Here's the introductory video to Ideas.... A quick background.

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A Dialogue on Transformation