The Magic of Conflicts

The BUT Factor

Speaker: Chetan Walia

All through millennia upon millennia, history shows this and yet man has not been able to resolve conflict. Not conflict of this or that, but we continue to live in conflict.


We have knowledge, a great deal of knowledge about the world, matter, about universe, and also a great deal of historical knowledge about ourselves. All of it has only perpetuatedconflict within us, even further. 


About 7000 wars and counting. Families. Relationships. Business. Nations. Inner. Outer. Everything is conflicted.


Can conflict end immediately? Do you understand the question? 


This is not an intellectual concept. Is there a perception or understanding that can bring conflict to an instant end?

And we are asking this: is it possible for a mind so conditioned to break that conditioning immediately, now, and forever?


This is very deep. Very serious. And totally out of the depths of existing knowledge.


Once you clearly for yourself see absolutely, irrevocably, that it is indeed possible to end conflicts immediately, it all changes. And conditioning ends. 

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