What Steve Jobs Told Nobody

Deciphering Madness

Speaker: Chetan Walia

Discover, Learn, and Experience With Us:


  • Job's Method To Madness - Deciphered

  • Steve Job's Science Behind Unconventional Decision Making

  • The Theory of Design - He Lived and Died For

  • What Did Steve Think of and Define Creativity and Innovation As

  • A Goal That Transformed Everything For Steve Jobs

  • How To Apply The Method to Madness In Your Life and Company

  • and Many More Surprises, Discoveries, and Insights

This is really a deep dive into the mind and the madness to decipher -- How an insecure, acid-dropping hippie kid reinvented himself as a technological visionary—and changed the world.


In the process he built an insanely great company.


All throughout his growing up years and up to 1980 (he was 25 then!) Jobs was called a 'LOSER' -- You heard that right....


From there to here -- and no we aren't going to decipher Apple - We are deciphering the philosophy that made Apple and changed the world.


Here is a micro-manager, insecure brat, that no one wanted to work for ever gain after doing it once - a man who'd fail almost every leadership assessment that exists. 


And YET he created something somewhat unfathomable.

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