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Unpopular Opinions. Uncommon Sense.

Be You.

Speakers: Chetan Walia and Rolly Srivastava

Everybody overthinks. Everybody is so damn insecure about losing that they think. Which makes them never do. And so it protects them from losing. Wow.


Reverse it. Don't care a thing about what people think about your loss. And then it gets real fun.

Fear. Security. Settling down. EMIs. Homes. Cars. Pay checks. Status.


We have educated an entire generation to not lose. And they don't. And so they never win.

This webinar is our audacious attempt to....


- Set a unpopular, uncommon context to life and success in the first 20 minutes

- Show you that minority opinions are the winners (not yours)

- Then take all your questions about life and business and give you a breakthrough LiVE - Right there and then


See through the mess we cultivate in our minds.

Be warned this recording defies 'language' etiquettes. 



Life Wasters V Life Fulfillers

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